The Intellectual Stylings of 5 Year Olds

2 boys playing with cell phone

Internets, I bring you: The Dried Snot Conversation.

Captain Earthquake: See that? That’s dried snot on my nose.

The Manager: Where? Oh, that? Yes, that’s dried snot.

CE: When I have dried snot on my nose, I use my finger and pick it off.

TM: Me too. But it really really hurts.

CE: Me too! It hurts a wot.

TM: Well, it hurts me more.

CE: No, me more!

TM: No me!!

CE: Me!!!

I will bring you updates as developments warrant.

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  • Doug March 27, 2008, 9:14 am

    The things you publish…very funny!

  • Angie March 27, 2008, 7:37 pm

    Ohhhh! Ewwwww. Girls aren’t much better, trust me.