Parenting via Annoyance

I love my boys. Really! I do. But sheesh there are days they drive me nuts. The big issue of late is picking things up. In my fantasy world, they put toys and books and gum wrappers away as soon as they’re done. That? Major fantasy.

So yesterday I tried out a new technique that I’m calling Parenting via Annoyance. I let them get allllllll settled down in an activity, then I called EVERYONE up to the living room and directed them to clean up particular items. Just as soon as they got back downstairs and settled, I called them all again to the garage to pick up the skateboards and squirt guns I’d already complained about earlier.

Just for fun I had them run through the yard and pick up too. I noticed later that they missed a bunch of stuff, so I’m going to have to irritate them again today. Heh, heh, heh.

How long do you think it’ll take before they get so sick of being interrupted that they just take care of their own things before I bug them?

I’m guessing I’ll get to play this game for a loooooong time.

Earnest Parenting: help for parents who love to be annoying.

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14 Responses to “Parenting via Annoyance”

  1. Let them have their time. They will perform as you want. Time is big teacher.

  2. Its a good thing which you are doing but don’t annoy them too.


  3. Mary says:

    my guess is you’ll be doing it until they move out and their wife does it!!!!
    I’ve even tried getting them up when I get home at 1am to do dishes they didn’t do……it doesn’t work!

  4. I don’t understand when parents, for one, say that “at least you are learning patience. When something bugs you a lot, how is patience supposed to come of it?

  5. Baby Carriers Backpacks says:

    I hear ya, girlfriend… if your kids are anything like mine, it will be an ENDLESS battle. I don’t know if it’s a boy thing (I don’t have girls to compare), but they just don’t give a hoot! It doesn’t matter how much I try to inconvenience them, it doesn’t faze them AT ALL!!! Honestly, I don’t think it will end until they move out. I’ve considered just doing it myself and saving myself the trouble of dreaming up all these schemes to get through to them, but then they won’t be learning anything, right? I’ve resigned myself to being a nag… *sigh*

  6. I don’t think it will end until they move out.

  7. It would good for the boys to things that exactly interest them and yes it’s quite annoying if you’ll ask them to do something but they did not do it instead they have their way. Regarding those chores I think let them have do it persistently. Patience in needed.^ _^

  8. When they grow older, i’m sure they will learn about cleaning their own mess. Just have a long patience to them. They will eventually know things as they grew.

  9. Connecticut Mortgage says:

    In my own opinion, explain the reason why they need to clean their mess. You should have patience because it will take a little time before they learn about this. Do not let yourself sounds annoying because it is not good to the eyes of childrens.

  10. Baby Diaper Cake says:

    Hey sounds like it might work, like your tatics

  11. Jason says:

    It does take a lot of patience for kids to learn. You have to make it a routine.

  12. Amy says:

    Petite Clothing, that’s true. At least it jolly well better be, lol. I will try to balance patience with annoying them. Okay? πŸ˜€

    Gracy, LOL. Annoying them was the whole point. Just enough to bug them; I’m not trying to be frustrating or anything.

    Mary I may have been granted some leverage recently. Turns out the older boys want to get more privileges in life. I may have actually had their attention today when I explained that people who are responsible in little things are then trusted with bigger things.

    Beach Weddings, in my opinion the only way you learn patience in the face of annoyance is to decide that you’re going to be more patient. Without that conscious choice it seems to me that you’d just be annoyed. I wasn’t trying to teach them patience in this case. I want them to get sick of me and start picking up their own stuff. I don’t think I could possibly teach them patience by annoying them.

    Baby Carriers Backpacks I feel your pain! I’m going to keep working on the training end of things and look for other leverage where I can. This battle is not over! Mwahahahaha.

    Search Engine Optimization, blablabla not listening not listening!!!

    Starting a business, patience – check. followthrough – check. I will work on both.

    Offshore Staff I’ve read in the Love and Logic books that I should just close the door and leave their mess. But I just can’t stand it! Perhaps when school is over I can try that again.

    Connecticut Mortgage, I explain everything. Ev. Ry. Thing. I’m frequently astonished that they’re still around listening. The point about sounding annoyed is well taken. I know it makes a difference but I frequently get upset and nag anyway. I’m a work in progress. πŸ™‚

    Baby Diaper Cake It probably would work better if I’d remember my own tactics, lol. I forgot to be annoying for several days in a row.

    Jason we do have some routines. The older boys in particular resist those routines. They seem to think if they avoid things long enough I’ll give up. Sooner or later I’m hopeful that they’ll value order. Okay well. Sooner. Please?

  13. Kids will always be kids. They will play but they won’t fix it. But i’m sure they will realize what their doing in time. Remember, patience is a virtue. πŸ™‚

  14. ronel marin says:

    thank you to all comments and info maybe sooner or later ai apply that to my soon to be child

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