The Babysitter Issue

Last weekend I admitted to our pastor that Hubby and I almost never hire babysitters. Apparently this is a shocking admission….pastor was concerned enough to announce it to our entire (yet pretty small) congregation. Which resulted in my having to reassure our neighbor that we’re fine, really, because there are opportunities to go out and we do take advantage of them.

So. Turns out this is a big issue. Who knew?

We’re talking about it over at GNMParents (now ForeverParenting) today. The post is titled How Often Do You Use a Babysitter. What do you think?

(catchy title, eh? betcha didn’t see that one coming.)

Earnest Parenting: help for parents who don’t use babysitters.

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14 Responses to “The Babysitter Issue”

  1. Having babysitter is much needed if you really don’t have time for your babies or children but as long you have time and even though your tired, I’m sure it’s fulfilling when you saw your children.^_^

  2. Doug says:

    Hey, we are “all in” for getting back on track with the kid swappin’ thing. Our kids are going thru withdrawel and it’s killin’ me.

  3. Yeah really i m looking here for my 5 yr baby Sara.

  4. apartamentos says:

    Excellent Post. Thanks

  5. However, I think the rarely you hire babysitters the better it is. Kids need to get as much attention from parents as possible.

  6. Outdoor Living Furniture says:

    I think it goes both ways it is nice to spend as much quality family time with your children as possible although parents do need a break from time to time. We have a 11 month old and due to not having family nearby we have never had a baby sitter, it would be nice to have the option as I also feel it is imortant for your kids/baby to get used to other people.

  7. Mary says:

    Well, I left a nice long message on your other page…and the computer went phiftttt. So I’ll shorten it up. Because we started our marriage with 2 near teens and working full time opposite shifts we focused on getting regular time away. Usually our mothers watched the kids. When the babies came along we continued to use my mom. As they got old enough, we used more traditional “babysitters”….my step-daughter (who we always paid and always gave the option to say no and tried not to use too often) and several of her many friends. There were familes from church who were always willing to take the 4 of them too. Our view has been that our marriage always comes first because when the boys move out it will be just the two of us and we need to have a well rounded relationship that doesn’t focus on what the kids are doing. I think each family has to decide how to do that for themselves.

  8. Social Networking Philippines says:

    It is really great to take good care on your child so that as a mother you can monitor it well but if you don’t have a time for them it’s better to hire a babysitter as well as there’s a person who can monitor and give time also.

  9. Its bad if parents can’t make out time for there babies.A baby needs its parents care not only because its a baby but also to grow up in to wonderful person.

  10. robert is currently doing business in the philippines says:

    i know that being a baby sitter is not that easy job.. it comes with the responsibility on how you take care the baby.. there are many parents who hire babysitter because of being busy to their work everyday.. for me, if the parent or the mother itself is the one who takes care of her baby everyday, the great possibility that will happen is that there will be a strong relation between the mother and her child as the child grow older.. my mother didn’t hire a baby sitter, she was the one who take care of us until we grow older.. thanks for this post and good luck to you.. 🙂

  11. delson has a law firm in manila says:

    If you do not usually stays in the house, you better hire a babysitter. You can’t really rely on leaving the babies alone, right? But its better if you’re always with your baby. So that they can be comfortable with you.

  12. basins says:

    Parents can look after well their babies if they do themselves. If they don’t have time then i think they should be more careful about babysitter too.

  13. melody at filipino music says:

    Hi, I knew that babysitter is not that easy to do. But in your situation, I salute you for being a hands on mom to your kids. Its really good to take care of your baby so that you can look after them. Besides they really need your care and attention. Good luck.

  14. If the parents are responsible and do their parental duties, and spend time and not leave their babies alone, then not hiring a babysitter is justifiable. I’d still go for some quality time between the parents and children over the babysitter and the child anytime. But then again, there are instances when getting the services of a babysitter is absolutely necessary, and there’s nothing wrong about that too.

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