Quote of the Day

Conversation with Captain Earthquake this morning: CE: I love you Mom. Me: I love you too sweetie….even if you do drive me CRAZY!! CE: We don’t always drive you crazy. Me: [laughing] Yes you do, all the time. CE: Not on holidays we don’t. Earnest Parenting: help for parents who have adorable children.

Thoughts on Messy Rooms

I am a person who is obsessed with keen on order. Most of life is manageable because I follow my own little rules and systems. For example: when I take off the puppy’s collar, I set it on the dresser near the garage door. Then whenever I need to take her out, I know exactly […]

Thoughts on Self-Discipline, and 1 More Thing

I went to bed at 11:30 the last two nights in a row. (Waits while people who know my usual habits pick themselves up off the floor.) It’s true: I am a creature of the night. Going to bed that early is not something I’m used to. Although I have in the past maintained a […]


I didn’t know what I wanted to say on the anniversary of 9/11 last week, so I didn’t post anything here on the blog. Instead we watched a little bit of the coverage in the morning and I explained the story to the boys again. The older boys were only 3 and we didn’t have […]

I Feel Like Alice’s Rabbit

Holy cow, Internets. Life is spinning by so fast! When we finished the last school year I remember feeling like I was finishing a marathon, and if we could just make it to June things would relax and then I could get a few things done around here. HA. Soooo, now it’s September and we’re […]

Things I Never Predicted I’d Say to my Children

Don’t throw the chickens. A puppy is not a toy. It’s not cool to burn your brother’s shirt with a magnifying glass. It’s really not cool to burn your brother’s shirt with a magnifying glass while he’s wearing it. Got any to add to the list?? UPDATED: Do read the comments, and add yours. Too […]