FFYF: Beach Fun Edition

Good Friday, Internets! For todays Fun For Your Friday edition, I’m enjoying a slightly cooler day and a cute picture of the boys at the beach last summer. Or was it the summer before? I forget. Guess we’d better get to more beaches this year, eh?

Welcome to the July 9, 2010 edition of fun for your friday.

Pamela Jorrick presents Thrift Store Madness posted at Blah, Blah, Blog.

Morgan Schwartz presents Body Scanners at Eppley Give Suburban Mom a Cheap Thrill posted at All Cracked Up by Vicky DeCoster, saying, “In between work, errands, and chauffeur service, Moms in Omaha might not have that many opportunities for excitement in their day. One Mom found the new body scanners at Eppley Airport good for a cheap thrill—and a little awkward self reflection.”

Bill James presents Classical Geek jokes « Discrete Ideas posted at Discrete Ideas, saying, “Several geek jokes, and why they’re classics!”

Earnest Parenting: help for parents who enjoy the beach.

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  1. Superb ideas. I always follow your ideas and utilize them.

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