Shameless Self-Promotion: Help Me Win a Contest

I don’t normally do this, so if you’re new to the site no worries. I usually just share articles and refrain from pestering you for anything. This one’s different though.

LaunchKarma is giving away a 6-month membership to a service called LinkBuildingRocket. If I win, it’ll help this site gain authority and rank and ultimately help me earn some extra money. (I’m all about the full disclosure here.)

I REALLY want to win this. Please help?

Anyone who enters the contest is entered in a random drawing for a lifetime membership to UltraSwaps, an affiliate ad-swapping network. If you do affiliate sales, this could be a huge boon to you.

The main prize-LinkBuildingRocket-will be awarded to the person with the most points. If you click my link, I get one point. If you enter after clicking that link, I get 50 points.

Contest ends April 30, unless there’s an extension. I’ll update if I hear anything.


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