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I got an email recently from Angela, and she shared with me a new site she created to help keep better track of her daughter’s classroom activities. It’s called, and it’s a secure online portal for teachers and parents to communicate.

I checked it out, and wow! It’s a really neat idea. Each classroom can be set up so that the teacher can communicate easily with parents and vice versa. And, parents can connect. If one takes pictures of a class outing or activity, it’s a fast and easy way to share them via ClassroomMate.

I have to admit, that when Angela first emailed, I thought she was saying she’d found a way to have a camera in the classroom so she could watch the kids all day long. Now THAT would be a little much! Fortunately I was mistaken, and it turns out she’s created a system that can really improve school-home communication.

As of the writing of this article, membership in ClassroomMate is free. How cool is that?

If you know a teacher who wants an easy system to keep in touch with his/her students’ parents, please let them know about Oh, and you can also friend them on Facebook!

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