January 2014

smiling boy in back seat of car next to infant

Select the Vehicle That’s Right for Your Family: 5 Car-Buying Tips

Buying a family vehicle can be challenging. However, when families use the proper buying tips, they leave the dealership with [...]

girl practicing CPR

Four Skills You Need To Teach Your Kids That May Save Lives

The world around us us filled with hazards, and even the most innocent-seeming things can prove dangerous under certain circumstances. [...]

outdoor patio with benches, candles

Five Awesome Ideas for Bringing the Outdoors Into Your Home During Winter

Cabin fever can set in pretty quickly during a cold, snowy winter. Ease the pain of being stuck in the [...]

toddler climbing on tipping dresser

Safety First: Make Sure Your House Is Kid Friendly With These 4 Tips

Most household accidents are avoidable, especially when they relate to children. Children have a habit of getting into everything, including [...]

illustration of child happily putting toys into box

Teaching Your Child: 5 Kid Friendly Ways To Teach Responsibility

Sometimes getting children to pick up their toys, brush their own teeth or keep track of and turn in their [...]

kids at desks working

Growing Good Kids: 5 Fun and Educational Ways to Teach Your Children Morals

Taking an active hand in instilling good morals into your children’s lives is a lofty, but sometimes intimidating, goal. Fortunately, [...]