How Do You Teach a Super Hero?

This infographic was shared with me and I LOVE it! I only wish I had thought to treat the kids like superheros when I was teaching. It’s stuff like this that makes me think I might like to go back to teaching in the schools. Now that I’m grown up, I think I could do […]

Building A Better Student: Leveraging Curiosity

We’re all curious about different things. You may be fascinated by the way colors combine to create unique shades, while I might gaze for twenty minutes at the way ants go about their business, crawling in and out of their colony. Who’s to say what grabs our attention, right? >Now imagine a classroom of twenty-five […]

Video Games: Six Reasons It’s Okay to Hand Your Child the Controller

Since the 80s, young and old have enjoyed video games. The Atari was the first gaming console that really made it big, setting a course for all of the game systems that have come since. From the time video games became popular, there have been some concerns about how video games might impact developing minds […]

Four Steps to Make Your New House Feel Like Home

Luther Vandross sang a beautiful reminder that “a house is not a home where there’s no one there to hold you tight.” While most would agree with that statement, it is still possible to make a house a beautiful and warm home with a few simple tricks. Paint the Walls Color is a fantastic way […]

Tiny Green Thumbs: Four Fun Garden Projects Your Kids Will Love

Getting the children involved in gardening is a great way to get your kids outside, and a fun way to spend time as a family. Aside from having fun, your kids will have the pleasure of watching things grow, will learn the names of different plants, and will be aware that vegetables don’t appear miraculously […]

Must Know: Six Tips To Help You Find the Best Appliances for Your Family

There’s a reason that items like your refrigerator and dishwasher are called major appliances – it’s a major purchase. And a major pain if you pick out the wrong one and have to return it. But even though this is a major decision, it doesn’t have to be a headache. By following the six tips […]