Monday Give Away Linky, Spring May Actually Be Here Edition

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Heroes, the weather was pleasant today! I decided to mow the lawn.

That didn’t go well.

First, the battery was so run down that it couldn’t start. The Mercenary and I tried to recharge it for a while. In the meantime we worked on cutting out a shrub he burned down accidentally. (I will tell that story another day). The mower finally started but when I turned on the blades it cut out. After a another failed attempt I went and fetched my boy for help. He’d gone inside to work on homework. We eventually figured out how to get the mower deck detached, then diagnosed the problem: one of the round things the belt goes around was frozen. Pulley? Is that what it’s called?

Anyhow, he eventually freed it but we didn’t have any WD-40 available so we had to quit for the night. It was getting dark anyhow, so I couldn’t have gotten any mowing done after that.

It was a pretty pleasant evening with my boy though.

And for more pleasantness (Yes, that’s a word. I just made it up. And yes, this is a less-than-perfect segue. Just go with it.), please see the entries below in this week’s giveaway linky.

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