Monday Giveaway Linky, Sore Back Edition

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I’m writing this late on Sunday night, Heroes, and my back is SO sore! But I’m a pretty happy camper, so it’s all good. I started working at about 2pm today and just finished a while ago…at least 8 hours of work took place today. I’m scanning all of the boys’ old school papers. It’s a job I’ve wanted to finish for years, and I’m finally close! There were still some piles of high school papers on the floor, and I have a good bit of homeschool papers yet to do, but I’m mostly done. Yay! I scanned and recycled 2 boxes of paper today. Hubby tells me that I’m a little crazy with this one, but I already knew that about myself so I am soldiering onward.

For my next scan project, I may just tackle the last file cabinet. I will keep a few files but the rest will be shredded and recycled. That will be another step forward on my decluttering and de-dusting mission. My allergies will thank me.

So! Happy me. I hope you’re having a happy day too. And while you’re here, why not look at the giveaway running here as well as the other lovely giveaways linked up by so many contributors? I know you’ll like them.

First, the giveaway here. It’s the iSwimBand, a handy device and app that can warn you if your child has been in water when they shouldn’t. Click the picture for more details.

iswimband system with box, 2 bands, and sensor

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