Monday Give Away Linky: Late Learning Edition

gold and red christmas ornaments hanging on tree

Good morning, Heroes!

I am late posting the linky today, in part because I’ve been plowing through a ton of educational materials that have been waiting far too long for my attention. It’s a time-consuming process; most of the information I already know, but there is usually one or two new concepts or ideas that are worth my time in each course. So, I wade on through.

Sometimes though, it can be very tedious. So I let the educational video run and come on over here to talk to you a bit. The video currently playing is showing me how to upload a video to YouTube. Yea. Kind of basic, but there you go. I have already learned 2 other things that I didn’t know before.

If nothing else, I am well poised to retain my Queen of Useless Trivia crown.

Aaaaaand with that, let’s segue on over to the linky! I hope you win, especially since it’s Christmas week.

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