Monday Giveaway Linky: Beginning of Summer Edition

the word summer scratched into sand with flip flops nearby

Hello, Heroes!

Well, the older boys finished school on Friday so we are now officially into summer vacation around here. Well, they are. The younger ones have 2 more weeks of full-time lessons (and by that I mean a few hours a day of schoolwork), and then we’ll be finishing a few more subjects over the summer. One of them is History, which is well-loved and appreciated. No sweat there. Another is Latin. Not so loved by boys. But they’re doing all right, and we’ll be done soon.

So! Summertime. Later nights and sleeping in, yay. This makes us happy.

While we’re over here being happy, feel free to check out the wonderful giveaways below. Sign up! Win!! There have been some pretty amazing collections the past few weeks. Enjoy!

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