Bacon is Always a Good Excuse

slices of bacon on paper towel

Scene: The couch…Hubby and I seated and watching television. The phone rings.

(I answer)

Son: garbled greeting

Me: what?

Son: Who is this?

Me: Who is THIS??

Son: It’s your son.

Me: Oh good, because this is your mother.

Son: Do you mind if I stay over at a friend’s house for a pasta party?

Me: No.

Me (again): I’m SO sorry your dad and I missed Meet the Team tonight! (This is an annual tradition where all the sports teams of the season meet, go over rules and expectations, and the kids are introduced.)

Son: That’s okay.

Me: In my defense, I was cooking bacon and lost track of time. I saved some for you.

Son: Well, THAT’s a great excuse!

Image courtesy of cookbookman17 via Creative Commons license, some rights reserved.

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