Monday Giveaway Linky: Thankfulness Edition

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So! I hope you had a lovely holiday weekend, US heroes. And to the rest of the world, I hope you have had a lovely regular weekend. We just celebrated Thanksgiving here. It was nice. I got a lot done this weekend, which always makes me happy.

I’d also like to say a word about thankfulness. Many people that I know post something that they’re thankful for daily. That’s super awesome, let me tell you. I tend not to say much because sometimes I fear that I’m just adding to the noise, and I don’t like to do that.

However, I have to say that I have been tremendously thankful this year. I have a terrific husband, and some pretty great boys.

On a whole different level though, I’m even more thankful for things that many of us never even think about. Every day (every day!!) I get to snuggle into a super comfy couch with warm blankets. I think about the millions of people around the world who don’t have those luxuries, and I’m nearly speechless.

Oh, and here’s another one: I can walk. After blowing out my knee 5 years ago, I’m still amazed every time I am able to go up or down stairs.

This past weekend, I was able to purchase socks and underwear for myself. 2 packages of each! How many people don’t have just that luxury?

Too many.

I am just one person, and there are many times that the most I can do is thank God for the amazingness. Today though, I also hope that He gives me a chance to help someone else somehow. Sometimes, even though I am so profoundly thankful for things like underwear and blankets and a knee that works, I still get caught up in the daily stresses and worries. I’m trying not to, but I still fail at that routinely.

All that to say, wow. I am SO blessed. Thank you, Lord, for giving me so much. And please, let me find ways to help others as a result.

While I’m over here thinking my thankful thoughts, won’t you check out the lovely linky below and win something? For me? Thanks.

The editor-in-chief of Earnest Parenting, Amy is the mother of two sets of twin boys. Yes, they drive her crazy, but they also make her laugh occasionally. Amy enjoys writing, quilting, reading, and working on her burgeoning cyber empire.

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