Monday Giveaway Linky – Getting Through to Them Edition

After years of repeating myself….a lot…I think I’ve made progress lately. We tore out a bathroom because it was starting to get moldy (boys take showers that are TOO long!) so now the boys have invaded the parental space as it were.

Translation: 3 times in as many weeks I have had to rush all the way downstairs to grab toilet paper because no one made sure the bathroom was stocked adequately. I mentioned to people several times that this was a problem, but there was not much of a response.

After the 3rd episode, I’d had it. Boys were called for an impromptu meeting, and I explained to them in no uncertain terms that the male anatomy is shaped in such a way that liquids don’t…adhere. Female anatomy, on the other hand, is NOT THE SAME.

I let that sink in for a bit, then told them that women need to use toilet paper every time they are in the bathroom. Proper bathroom etiquette and good family citizenship requires that if you finish a roll, you make sure a new one is in place. I finished the conversation by threatening that if this situation does not improve, next time I’m gonna draw pictures.

Heh. We’ll see if that helps. I will keep you posted.

So while I’m running after toilet paper, I hope you enter a contest or two and win! Good luck!!!

The editor-in-chief of Earnest Parenting, Amy is the mother of two sets of twin boys. Yes, they drive her crazy, but they also make her laugh occasionally. Amy enjoys writing, quilting, reading, and working on her burgeoning cyber empire.

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