Annette Hazard

side view of pregnant belly

Four Uncommon Ways to Prepare for Your Baby’s Arrival

Getting ready for a baby is both exciting and slightly scary. Everyone is full of advice, and you also have [...]

two handguns, one real and one toy

Teach Your Kids These Five Skills that Could Save Their Lives

As a parent, your most important job is to provide safety and security for your children. While there are many [...]

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Save Money on Parenting by Learning These Useful Skills

Raising children these days is not cheap. There are diapers and bottles, daycare, the expensive dance lessons, the new car [...]

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Keeping Up Appearances: What Parents Need to Teach Their Kids about Their Looks

There are many pertinent lessons that you will teach your child throughout life, but some of the most important ones [...]

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How to Explain a Divorce to Your Teenage Children

Teenage years for many children feel like a mid-life crisis without any major event happening to reiterate this type of [...]

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Kids Sports Injuries are on The Rise: How to Teach Your Kid Sports Safety

The number of children suffering an injury while playing a sport is on the rise. The good news is that [...]