The bucket story

Winter 2006 On Saturday The Manager(age 3) coughed so hard he gagged and threw up on 2 separate occasions. Small town life means no doctors on the weekend unless we go to the ER, so we decided to just survive till Monday and then call for the appt. Meanwhile, we tried to keep him from […]

Not to worry, I rescued him

I spent the last hour or so writing my most recent post on parenting.  This caused me to be tired. Especially since I wrote it sitting on my incredibly (old) soft and comfy couch.  So I closed my eyes and snoozed here in the living room for just a few minutes.   While I was writing […]

Parenting Philosophies

I’ve been pondering deeply my approaches to parenting, and thought I’d share them with you. Let me start by saying that my way is NOT the be-all and end-all of parenting. Like I say in my tagline, I’m just doing my best to get the hang of this job. Let me also say that parenting […]

Extra Reading

You may have noticed a couple of links in my blogroll section (soon to be its own page…this site is still under construction).  One is Financing Your Family, and the other is Fathered Five.  Both of these are blogs written by men, and I’ve been tremendously impressed with their writing so far.  Go check them […]

How To: Start Homeschooling (Part 3)

Okay, this is the third installment of my series on how to start homeschooling. First we talked about Exploring your options, then we discussed Investigating possibilities. Now, we’re going to talk about what Planning will help you get set up. I’m assuming that you’ve already chosen an approach (anywhere from unschooling to a ‘canned’ program, […]

Mystery solved

A memory from 2006 Captain Earthquake has been waking up at night. Okay, well, he wakes up every night, multiple times. He comes and gets me to tuck him back in. Sometimes its once a night, rarely he sleeps through, and often it’s multiple wake ups. Several nights ago I could not sleep so I […]