How To: Start Homeschooling (Part 1)

Okay, so you’re thinking about homeschooling your child. Where do you begin?? Well, for starters we need to take a look at what options are available. Homeschooling curricula run the gamut from online classes where the students log in for lessons and grading…to packages that provide all the books and direction for parents to follow […]

No Permanent (ahem) Damage

I lost my temper the other day. And not just a little. I lost it COMPLETELY. It all started when The Mercenary came in and started rifling through my desk drawers while I was sitting there. When I asked what he was doing, he explained that he was getting a permanent marker out to label […]


Oh. My. Goodness. This week was CRAZY for me. Sunday we took the older boys to camp for the week. This was about 45 miles round trip. Monday morning I took the younger ones up north and handed them off to my in-laws, then scooted over to a town nearby to help a friend with […]

The end of one journey….

Today was our new pastor’s first day. It is also a year, almost to the day, since we met as a congregation and voted to hang together rather than close the doors. It’s been a tough year, and hard for everyone who stayed and worked to keep at least the bare minimum going while at […]

It’s amazing what a can of paint will do

So I painted our screen door yesterday. We’ve lived in this house for 7 years now. Which totally amazes me. I haven’t lived this long in one spot in my adult life ever. This is also our first ‘real’ house, as our last abode was a mobile home. It was very nice….especially the low maintenance […]

I’m still here!

Still here, and have actually been working a lot on the site. You just can’t see me. 😀 Perhaps I should contact the Fantastic 4. Well, today is a big day. TechnoBoy and The Mercenary finished their last grammar activity for the year. Thus far, we have finished off spelling, phonics, math, grammar, handwriting, and […]