Building a Better Student: The Invisible Good

The summer break is glorious when you’re a student, and bittersweet once you become a parent. As adults we celebrate the return of long, hot days and the anticipation of a much-needed vacation while we stress out a bit over what to do with the kids for ten or twelve weeks. I cheer the idea […]

Building a Better Student: Dings

I merged onto the highway for the drive home, settled in with some good music, and all was right with the world . . . until a truck kicked up a large rock that smacked into my car, leaving a nasty star-shaped reminder of why we have windshields in the first place. Instead of rushing […]

Could Wearable Technology Enhance Education?

Chances are you’ve heard of Google Glass, a new device slated to come on the market this year. It’s a Heads Up Display (HUD) device that lets users see a tiny screen right in front of their eye. It’s definitely “wave of the future” stuff…a wearer can literally take a picture by winking the eye. […]

Infographic Shows Education Trends in the US

Heroes, how does your state stack up with regard to education? Don’t know? Not to worry! This handy infographic shows how different states rank with measures like teen pregnancy rates, teacher-student ratios, graduation rates and more. Very interesting! Produced By Best Education Degrees

Building a Better Student: Students of Divorce

Michelle has an interesting dilemma. She and Ryan divorced four years ago, and today they share custody of their pre-teen son and 13-year-old daughter. Many split families understand exactly the frustration that Michelle is experiencing. Ryan does not share her attitude toward academic discipline. A former Dean’s List graduate – and now a prosperous CPA […]

Pictures Worth a Thousand Words: Discovering Your Child’s Learning Type

Every child has a different learning style. That is, one child learns best by working with hands-on activities, while another child might learn better understand with flash cards. Neither learning style is superior, but it’s important to recognize the differences in the ways your children learn. Visual Students The visual learner works and learns best […]