FFYF: Holiday Weekend Edition

Welcome to Fun For Your Friday, Heroes! This weekend we’re celebrating the joyous holiday of Christmas with family. Happy birthday, Jesus! Andy Hayes presents In the Spring… posted at Traveling Quotes, saying, “If you’ve been feeling annoyed with the weather, Mark Twain will put a smile on your face. :)” Bethany presents A Surprise in […]

FFYF: Oozing Over the Finish Line Edition

Good Friday, Heroes! Today we are celebrating Fun For Your Friday, a blog carnival that’s been hosted at Earnest Parenting for many months. This month I’m having fun knowing that almost all of the yardwork is done. Before snow! Who would have expected that?? This week the boys helped me spread a yard of topsoil […]

FFYF: End of a Busy Week Edition

Good Friday, Heroes! This has been a busy week. How about you? Here….nuts. Crazy. I’m just glad it’s Friday. Because now we can do the crazy nuts weekend. Yay us! Wait. Maybe I should be worried instead. There’s more to do this weekend than there are hours to do them in. Eek. Nah. Let’s smile […]

FFYF: Fall Retreat Edition

Fun Friday, heroes! Today begins an annual tradition for me: the quilt retreat. Ohhhhh, I so look forward to this weekend every year. What fun thing do you do to relieve stress? Welcome to the October 21, 2011 edition of fun for your friday. Lisa Hood presents The 10 Best Diss Songs in History posted […]

FFYF: Love Me Less Edition

Good Friday, heroes! This week I spent more than a little time arguing with The Mercenary over one thing or another. Wednesday I was sitting on the stairs as he was walking up and I said something to the effect of, “I love you enough to fight with you.” He bounded up two more steps, […]

FFYF: Mom Power Edition

Good Friday, Heroes! Today for my Fun For Your Friday smile, I bring you a comic as shared by my mother. I laughed out loud on that one. Welcome to the September 30, 2011 edition of fun for your friday. Holly presents !! Outrageous Funny Picture for Today. Wild, Weird, Wacky, Whatever! FunnyChixDotCom posted at […]