HIP, Inaugural Edition

Welcome to the first ever HIP (Heroes In Parenting) awards! This project is all about finding and recognizing parents who are doing great things-big and small. With so much bad news swirling around us every day, it’s easy to get discouraged and start feeling like the world is a hopeless place. Not so! Read on, […]

HIP: How it Works

Tuesday I told you about my idea to celebrate parents who are doing heroic things. What did you think? I’m really excited about it! I think it’ll be fun, especially since we can all participate. (More on that shortly.) And oooh! Did you notice that Hero In Parenting makes a cool acronym? HIP. So we […]

Heroes In Parenting

Have you seen the news lately? Chock full ‘o cheeriness, isn’t it? How about stories about parenting? Find many happy ones? No?? Well, I’m not surprised. Between the advice columns, the results of studies, and the stories of bad parents it’s enough to make a reader downright depressed. I don’t like being depressed. Do you? […]