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two beds tucked into side of room with loft overhead

6 Ideas for Creating the Perfect Boys’ Room

Boys’ bedroom: Farmhouse Kids by Atlanta Architects & Building Designers Robert M. Cain, Architect By Jane Blanchard Creating a room [...]

pink and white tulips with green stems

Easter Fun for All the Family

With the children at home, there are a lot of hours to fill and being imaginative and positive on these [...]

closeup of camera lens

Say Cheese: Tips for Taking Family Photos You’ll be Proud to Display

In the age of instant gratification and viral images on the Internet, everyone has probably had the pleasure of seeing [...]

young girl sitting down, tying her shoe

Teach Me How: 6 Tricks to Teach Your Kids How to Tie Their Shoes

Teaching your children how to tie their shoes can be a very memorable moment as a parent. This essential skill [...]

parents and kids filling up moving boxes

My New House, My New Home: Moving Cross-Country with Your Kids

Some of us have been there before. You just got a major promotion or lucrative new job. You need to [...]

mom with kids discussing written plan

Living Off the Grid: 4 Things You Can Do to Help Your Family Sustain Themselves After a Disaster

Disaster can strike suddenly and without prior warning. Because of this it is important to plan ahead. Think of a [...]