Sibling Rivalry: First, Address the Root Cause

Mary asked in the comments of Verbal Fireworks for some Love and Logic responses to sibling rivalry that might work. I’m putting my thoughts here and in the next post on this topic; any other suggestions that you may have to add to the comments section would be just fantastic. 🙂 Here’s Mary’s comment, so […]

Doing Well With Logic, Working on the Love

So, we’re on day 3 of Amy’s renewed commitment to being a more balanced parent. Had some successes and some failures today. Captain Earthquake managed to push my buttons this afternoon and I got impatient with him. 🙁 He just hates to leave the house, and gets all whiny whenever I say we have to […]

When Your Parenting Gets Off-Track: Go Back to the Basics

I’ve been corresponding with a friend about difficult children and found myself digging out the Love and Logic book yesterday only to realize that I have really gotten away from some important principals: Parenting can be a joy Anger short-circuits learning Actions speak louder than words Repeated warnings are really just laziness and lack of […]

Love and Logic

Love and Logic – A general overview of my thoughts on this parenting approach. Okay, so I’ve mentioned the Love and Logic books in other posts, but I’ve never really sat down and discussed the method here on the blog.I’ll start by telling you that I’ve read several of the books, and have found some […]