Holding the Line in Parenting: Help for the Weary Multitudes

There are days when the demands requests that the children make seem endless. Just now, TechnoBoy entertained me with a doozy. He wants to mix dish soap and water together, then churn up a lot of bubbles. From there, he will somehow use a can of hairspray to either fill the bubbles with the spray […]

It’s Hard to Strike a Balance Between Protection and Support

I discovered tonight that one of the older boys (who is 13 going on 30) tried to friend someone on Facebook that he doesn’t know. This individual is a friend of a friend, and wasn’t so sure about a child making a friend request. End result: I was notified late this evening. The big question […]

Trusting Teens Can Be Hard

There are different kinds of trust that we offer our children over time. For example, there’s the trust that a child will do her chores responsibly, and trust that he won’t play with matches and set the house on fire. Now that the boys are older, we’re dealing with having to trust them to make […]

Talk to Your Kids About Tattoos

(Editor’s note: please welcome this week’s guest author, Janet Peterson. She has excellent advice for anyone with a teen that wants a tattoo. I know we may have this conversation someday. Thanks Janet!!) Kids want a lot of stuff. We get used to them chanting “Can I have that??” through the years and when it’s […]

I’m Not Raising Bottom-Dwellers

There’s a conversation I have with the boys….often. The nutshell version: boys claim to be overworked and underpaid. I laugh in their faces. They’re unhappy, they complain about how difficult life is. I laugh some more and insist they do whatever task is before them. Sometimes I get frustrated. Okay well, frequently I get frustrated […]

Stay Close to Your Tween/Teen by Being Direct

Even though no one here is officially an adolescent, Hubby and I are already seeing some of the emotional storms that are common to that age. I’ll be the first to say that I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing here…I think “winging it” is going to be the order of the decade. I […]