The Dreaded Conversation: How to Talk to Your Children About Peer Pressure and Drugs

If your child is reaching that age where it’s time to have a conversation about peer pressure and drug use, you may be feeling apprehensive. Maybe you remember squirming as your own parents fumbled through this conversation, or perhaps they never had it with you at all. In this day and age, children are being […]

5 Tips For Purchasing Your Teen’s First Car

Turning the age it is finally legal to drive is an amazing feeling for any teen. When purchasing a car as a parent of that teen, there are a couple things that should be considered to find that perfect car. With a few simple tips, car shopping can be a great experience for both teen […]

4 Tips For Parents to Help Their Teenage Son Gain More Self Confidence

Today’s world is full of modern pressures that put extreme amounts of pressure on teenage boys. It can be difficult for teens to build their self-esteem with all the influence that comes through the media, school, and social media platforms such as Facebook. However, parents can be one of the most significant support systems for […]

5 Things To Do To Get Your Teen Ready For Their Driver’s License

Helping your child get ready for their driving test can be nerve-wracking for the child and frustrating for the parent. On the one hand, the parent wants to be able to get the child ready for the test, and on the other hand, the child simply wants to get the test over with. Whether the […]

5 Great Tips to Make Sure Your Daughter Has A Memorable Prom

If you have a teenage daughter, you know that the adolescent years can be fun and stressful at the same time. One of the biggest events in a teenage girl’s life is prom. If your daughter is planning on going to prom, check out these five tips to help make it a memorable and fun […]

The Pros and Cons of Providing a Car for your Teenager to Drive

As your teenager gets his or her license, they are probably interested in getting their own used car to drive. Getting a car has several different pros and cons that should be weighed and discussed as a family before giving them their own set of wheels. From increased responsibility to extra regular expenses, below are […]