Five Destinations That Are Great Options For Those Traveling With Kids

Finding a kid-friendly tourist destination that the whole family will enjoy can be a challenge. While each person may have different interests and ideas of what a vacation should entail, there are some destinations that almost anyone can find exciting. The following cities in North America offer great experiences for adults traveling with children: Barrie, […]

Family: Being There for One Another

I was thinking about something the other day about my kids and all the mistakes I made when they were young. They never said a word; they just kept on loving me even though I was not perfect. Children have that ability built right in for unconditional love whereas sometimes we as adults lose that […]

Family Matters – 5 Great Ways to Teach Your Children to Enjoy Chores

Chores are certainly not your child’s favorite responsibility in life, but making chores a requirement can teach your child valuable life lessons that he or she can use later on in adulthood. Doing work is not always going to be 100 percent appealing to children who prefer to play and live a worry-free life, but […]

8 Outdoor Activities Sure to Bring Your Family Closer Together

Say goodbye to the television set and embrace family time outside the house this weekend for a whole new type of bonding. If meals are the only time you really see your other family members, you might be surprised at the engaging personalities that come out to play when you explore new locations and active […]

Making Daddy Feel Special: 5 Gift Ideas Kids Can Be A Part Of

It is so important to take the time to make Daddy feel special. Great dads do so much for their children, and this is an opportunity for the child or children to give something back. The best advice is to know what Daddy needs or loves to do. Customized Items There are many great ways […]

Christmas Cleanup: A Way to Bond With Your Kids

The holiday season is a busy season for parents. For some, they will be working overtime almost everyday just to get work done in time before the holidays so they can go on leave and celebrate Christmas with their families. Although it’s  a crazy time to be juggling so many things at once, for a […]