4 Warning Signs That Your Teen Might Be Going Off the Straight and Narrow

What causes a teenager to give in to peer pressure or make poor choices that could potentially ruin their future? Is your teen headed toward a similar fate? Here are four key warning signs that your teenager could be headed in the wrong direction: 1. Isolation from the Rest of the Family If your once […]

Four Things To Consider Before You Get a Family Dog

Welcoming a new puppy to your family can be the beginning of a very special bond. Not only will your pet offer unwavering friendship, but your new family member will also provide an extra sense of security. Although there are plenty of advantages to having a family dog, taking ownership of a new pet is […]

Help Your Teen Choose a Career and Move Out

As our little darlings enter their teen years, our job is to foster their independence and self-sufficiency. As parents, our ultimate goal is the same: to raise kids who will, eventually, venture out into the great unknown and leave us in much-deserved peace. The number of people ages 18-31 living in their parents’ home was […]

Family Outings: Six Free Activities to Do With Your Family

Having fun with your family doesn’t have to break the bank. You may be surprised to find that there are many fun family activities that do not require you to spend any money at all. Here are six free activities to do with your family. 1. Going on a Bicycle Ride Bicycling is an outstanding […]

5 Things Teenagers’ Parents Need to Teach Them About Driving

If you are a parent of a teenager who is almost old enough to drive, you probably have heart palpitations when you think about it. However, there are five things you need to teach your teen about driving to keep him safe and to help you keep your sanity as well. Safety First You must […]

Spring is Here! 4 fun Springtime Outfit Ideas For Your Daughter

Spring has sprung! Time to ditch those winter boots and coats and slip into something more comfortable (and fashionable)! No one is more excited about shaking the Winter blues than children. Little girls are especially excited about all of the fun and pretty clothes that hit the shelves. They love to dress up and receive […]