6 Encouraging Signs of Progress for the Older Boys

I’ve seen some encouraging signs of progress in the older boys lately. they played make-believe games with the little boys last week when I was working at the church office.  Like, actual pretending to run a restaurant and make food with the toy kitchen.  They love to creatively invent things that they could sell and […]

Gearing Up for School…Ouch Those Attitudes!

We’re getting ready for the new homeschooling year here at Earnest Parenting. Okay, let’s see.  What’s our progress on the todo list? Books ordered – check Supplies purchased – check Calendar ready – check Positive attitudes in play – nope.  uncheck This morning The Mercenary asked me if we could have a half day our […]

Life Lessons: Debt

Teaching children about debt should happen as early as possible. TechnoBoy borrowed twelve dollars from me to buy some baseball cards (a new passion here in the EP household) a few weeks ago. He’s not a boy with high ambitions when it comes to money. He rarely does any of the paid chore opportunities that […]

Filling the Love Bucket

Captain Earthquake climbed up on the couch with Hubby a little while ago, and just chatted away with his dad about motorcycles and bullets and important boy things.  Eventually I joined them, and the Captain was blissful, getting the full attention and affection of both parents all to himself.  He was so happy that when […]

Singing the Jeopardy Theme Song

Humorous parenting helps me keep my sanity. With the passing of Merv Griffin, I was reminded of a cute story from a few months ago.  The boys were dawdling over every task….schoolwork….meals…..chores, and I was having difficulty maintaining my cool while encouraging them to finish.  As a joke I started singing the Jeopardy Theme song […]

Timer Training

How to teach your children to take turns. I don’t know if it was desperation or inspiration, but I timer trained my boys when they were very young. Okay I’ve thought about it.  It was desperation. By the time the older boys were 18 months old, I was able to defuse the inevitable screaming match […]