4 Fun Activities That a Father Can Do With His Son to Help Strengthen Their Relationship

Are you a father who is trying to reconnect with your son? Perhaps you have both been too busy to spend quality time together recently. If so, here are four great ideas for ways for fathers to reconnect with their sons. Repair the Family Car Has your car broken down recently? Are its parts worn […]

Family Matters: How to Deal with Your Kids Acting Out After Your Divorce

Your kids are smarter than you might think. They pick up on the cues around them, and they hear the fights that you and your spouse have, but that doesn’t mean that they’ll be happy when you announce your upcoming divorce. Divorce takes a huge emotional toll on a family, parents and children included. It […]

Fortify Your Relationship: Explore The Outdoors With Your Son

When you reach your 40’s, you may see and realize that there have been dramatic changes between you and your children, especially your sons. A close yet complex father-son relationship is, sometimes, severed when the son is already at his late teens. Some boys need to explore and feed their curiosity and prove themselves as […]

Creating Father/Son Memories: 6 Rite Of Passage Moments To Have

Beautiful memories experienced between a father and a son are built to last. However, in order to have these memories, the moments need to be created. What are six rite of passage moments to share with your son? First Day of School Little boys spend plenty of time playing ball and board games at home […]

How to Know if Divorce is the Right Choice for Your Family

Editor’s note: this was a difficult post for me to agree to publish. I’m of a mind to say that once people get married they should plan to stay that way for life, since most minor issues tend to resolve with time and maturity. That said, I recognize that there are frequently situations where the […]

The Effects of the Father-Daughter Relationship on Self-Esteem

All of our relationships throughout our lives effect our self esteem. As early as childhood, all of our friendships on the playground up to our work relationships with our bosses will shape and mold our opinions of ourselves, no matter how hard we might try to make it not that way. Parental relationships, of course, […]