7 Ways Parents Can Keep the Romance Alive

Regardless of if you have been married for just one year or you are celebrating your Golden Wedding anniversary, it is crucial to keep romance alive in your relationship. Romance is the main ingredient that adds sparkle not just to your relationship, but to your life. Sadly we live such busy lives, running a home, […]

3 Things to Consider When Searching for a Spouse

You may have heard that you shouldn’t hold out for Mr. Right, and that’s true. Holding out for the perfect spouse may end up meaning that you will end up alone. That being said, you should hold out for someone who meets a simple set of criteria. Some character traits are fairly universal. Who doesn’t […]

Raising Strong, Compassionate Boys

If you have been blessed with a boy (or two or four) then you have seen the many surprising and heartwarming things that boys are innately capable of. You have also undoubtedly seen the energy, unruliness, defiance, and aggression that have given boys such a bad reputation among new parents. What is often overlooked, however, […]

Balancing Being a Parent and Being a Friend

(Editor’s note: a big thank you to Elaine for her insights on balanced parenting here. Thanks Elaine!) How children are parented will affect them for the rest of their lives. As primary caregivers, parents are responsible for the physical, emotional and psychological welfare of their children. Yet parents need to be wary of sweeping statements […]

Celebrate Family History Month with Archive.com

Howdy, Heroes! Did you know that October is Family History month? Yup. It is. The good folks at Archive.com have created a super interesting graphic that celebrates our diversity and heritage. It also has suggestions for ways to get involved with your own family. Check it out! What will you do to celebrate your family’s […]

Keeping Family Close

(Editor’s note: Please welcome Caitlin Douglass, who has some experience with long-distance family relationships and some strategies for staying close to relatives you don’t see as often as you’d like.) When you hear the words conference call, you most likely immediately think of a business call. You probably picture a bunch of people sitting around […]