5 Playroom Hazards to Look Out For

As good parents, we all have an objective to shield our children from harm. Unfortunately, life doesn’t always make it easy for us to stop every mishap before it happens. Still, we should stay vigilant for potential risks, especially in our homes. Although you might believe your home is the safest place for your family, […]

Why Your Child Needs to Learn How to Dress

What we wear reflects upon our personality and our character; often it is the first impression we build from. Unfortunately we live in a judgmental world and people will often make subconscious judgments of our personality, character and social class by a quick, swift glance. For these reasons, among others, we need to teach our […]

3 Reasons You Should Buy Construction-Based Toys for Young Kids

I’ve been to many a friend’s home, where we moms get together and chat while our kids play. One topic that comes up often is a somewhat tortured deliberation on which toys are best for our kids. Of course, in my book, the toys that your children actually play with are the best ones. No […]

Teach Em’ Tech Early On!

Until recently, technology (and particularly mobile technology) was reserved for adults only. But then phones turned into entertainment centers, and keyboard-free electronic tablets became portable game centers and movie theaters for even the tiniest toddlers. In other words, they might not be able to match their clothing, but many 3 year-olds can take, save and […]

Help Your Child Sleep Better

Any parent of a toddler knows how difficult it can be to get them to go to bed and stay asleep. There are a number of reasons why a toddler will fight against their bedtime. They may be afraid of the dark, feel like they’re missing out on fun, or may just want to assert […]

Kids and Water Don’t Mix – Or Do They?

If you’re a parent you know that there will only ever be one outcome when your children see a large, inviting puddle of water. No matter how hard you try, the temptation for them to take a big running jump into it is just too great – they just can’t help themselves. So how can […]