Lessons Learned…Again

I’ve been learning old lessons lately. Seems like I’d learn them and move on to new mistakes in life but nooooooo. Not me. By the time we arrived at life in the Earnest Parenting household last week Friday I was completely fried. The stress of several situations had taken over. Have you ever felt like […]

The Big Day

I mentioned in the Respecting Boundaries post that a little over 2 years ago our cat Callie passed away. Callie was 17 years old, completely blind and deaf by the end. The boys were roughly 4 and 8 at the time. Callie was more my pet than theirs, simply because I’d had her since she […]

It’s Not That I Have Nothing to Say

It’s just that the schedule lately has been full of well, stuff to do. Has summer been just screaming by this year? I feel like it’s screaming by. It’s crazy really….this whole Time Spinning Faster Every Year thing. My boys are going to be done growing up and out of the house before I know […]

Keepin’ It Real

I started writing this blog out of frustration. Parenting is a tough job, and homeschooling adds a whole ‘nother dimension. Many were the days that Hubby came home to me angry, and I was often in tears. There were a lot of different situations and reasons, and one by one we’ve worked on the problems. […]

Do You Tell Your Kids When You’re Proud?

I don’t know why this story popped into my head yesterday, but I really feel like sharing it so here goes. Back in high school I took singing lessons and participated in competitions called Solo and Ensemble. You had to prepare a musical piece or two, then go sing them to a judge who would […]

Cautions From a Mountaintop

Heh. 2 days in a row I’m posting something in reference to Robert Hruzek’s Middlezone Musings. Robert has a monthly group writing project called What I Learned From (WILF)… The current theme is WILF A Mountaintop Experience. I was intrigued by this topic, and I actually have thoughts on it. 🙂 Many many years ago […]