Bacon is Always a Good Excuse

Scene: The couch…Hubby and I seated and watching television. The phone rings. (I answer) Son: garbled greeting Me: what? Son: Who is this? Me: Who is THIS?? Son: It’s your son. Me: Oh good, because this is your mother. Son: Do you mind if I stay over at a friend’s house for a pasta party? […]

How a Blue Gorilla Helped With Speech Development

So, back when the boys were quite small, they had all sorts of speech impediments and cute sayings. Not massive speech impediments….just the cute things that kids say when they’re still learning to speak properly. Such as when they can’t say their “r’s” properly and so on. I remember that they said “ruth” instead of […]

Sometimes I Despair of the Foolishness: A Mother’s Rant

Heroes, I read a quote on Facebook the other day that said something to the effect of “parenting is hard when you’re doing it right.” Well, if that’s the case then I must be awfully close to perfect. Because, wow. There are days I feel like all I do is beat my head against brick […]

Confrontation With a Teen: Inevitable Results Edition

All right Heroes, I promised long ago to be more forthcoming about teens. Then I felt guilty for potential privacy violations, so I held my tongue. After two blow-ups in less than a day, I’m ready to talk. Because wow. So! Here is the issue from last evening. I was requested to drive a boy […]

I’m Going to Talk Honestly About Teens

Okay, Heroes. If you’ve looked at posts on this blog from waaaaay back when I began it (7 years ago this week!) you’ll find that I wrote all of them and that they center around one topic: the boys. When the older ones hit their teen years I started censoring what I wrote to protect […]

It’s Almost Mother’s Day – Do You Remember Those Early Sleepless Nights?

Heroes, Mother’s Day is almost here (and yes, that’s a reminder for some of you. ahem). What are you doing to celebrate Mom? And moms, do you remember what life was like when you had a small baby? Oh, those nights! I’ll tell you a story about that shortly. But first: The good folks at […]