Let Me Tell You How I Handle Candy at Easter

So, Easter was just a few days ago.  Did the boys get much in the way of Easter candy on Sunday?

Nope.  I didn’t give them a thing.  Grandma gave them each a chocolate cross on Saturday, but that was it.

The great thing is, they didn’t complain at all! That happens when kids get older.  🙂

So, on Monday, the day AFTER Easter, I hit the store early. After all, candy is marked at half off! I spent a ridiculous amount of money, but came home with a huge haul. Last evening, Hubby and I made up a basket for each boy and presented. And! We have candy left over to last us until fall! Woot!

Now. I’ve done the “buy candy after the holiday” thing for years. When they were little, I had to present something on the day itself, because they just didn’t understand the delay. But I usually got more the day after and supplemented.

However, that resulted in boys scarfing down candy and it all being gone. Fast. At first, it would last a couple of weeks, but then it got to the point where they had it consumed in a matter of days.

I wasn’t fond.

Last fall I bought a candy dish for a conference I was at so I could offer it to attendees. When I got home, the dish was out on the counter, so I used it. And voila!! The boys would eat what was in it (still rather quickly) but I had control over when it was served. And there was no arguing or recriminations. Yay!!!

So that’s how we do it now, here in this family. Late candy, moderate gift, then served judiciously in the candy dish from there.

It took me nearly 2 decades, but I figured this one out.

I’m kinda proud.

What do you think?

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