5 Ways to Help Your Kids Improve Their Grades

It can be frustrating to see your child earn bad grades. However, it is important to remember that bad grades are not the end of the world. There are several things that you can do to help your child improve his or her grades. Below are some important tips for helping your child: Address The […]

Is Your Child Falling Behind? How to Keep Them Ahead of the Learning Curve

For some parents, the coming of summer is something they dread. Trying to figure out a way to keep the kids from forgetting what they just learned, and risking them getting behind is a common fear. So, what can you as a parent to do help them stay ahead of the learning curve? Here are […]

5 Misconceptions About Homeschooling Your Child

There are many people out there who believe that homeschooling children is a bad idea for a variety of reasons. Most of the time, these misunderstandings may be attributed to not truly understanding the involvement of this educational practice as witnessed by comments and myths that are thrown about carelessly. Although a large portion of […]

Refuse to Choose

Because I’m an advocate for increased emphasis on academics, there are some groups that try to drag me into their “sports get too much attention” message. While I might agree with the basic tenet of their argument, there are three reasons why I won’t get caught up in that fight. First, it’s a losing battle. […]

What You Need to Know to Get Your Child Ready for College

Now that the older boys are in high school, college is on our minds quite a bit. Trust me, they’ve already heard PLENTY from us about the need to get really good grades and have a good record to show colleges when they apply. Essentially, they need to build skills and a resume even at […]

Start Now With Back to School to Prepare Kids for Academic Success

School will be starting again before you know it, and kids who struggle academically need help learning life skills they need to overcome test anxiety and make good grades in the new school year. It’s a well-known fact that students lose an average of two months’ worth of instruction over the summer, forcing teachers to […]