Actress Cynthia Nixon Educates About Rosacea

Howdy Heroes. I had a unique opportunity recently, to participate in an interview with actress Cynthia Nixon. You may have heard of her. I’ve seen her on this show and that over the years, but had no idea that she suffers from rosacea. Boy did I ever learn a lot! 16 million Americans suffer from […]

Teach Your Kids About Skin Care

I want kids with healthy skin for life, and that means starting when they are young. A lot of times you will find parents are super cautious about their babies getting sun burned, but as the kids grow into teens they seem to throw caution out the window. I don’t know why, but many parents […]

Beyond Vanity: How to Encourage Your Teen to Accept Blemishes

There’s a lot to be said about teen life, particularly when it comes to blemishes. While most teens get acne at some point, it’s almost universal that it’s a source of self-conscious embarrassment. While you can’t make it easy, you can help your teen to deal with this annoyance and maintain high self-esteem in spite […]