The Terrible Teens: A Survival Kit to Help You (and Your Kids) Make it Through Adolescence

The teenage years are the most difficult for parent and child alike, but they don’t have to be a nightmare. There are resources and strategies available to help you and your teens make it through the tumultuous period of adolescence. Consider some of the most common roadblocks that parents of teenagers face and look for […]

Parenting Rant: Teens Should Show Respect

So. Teens. They can be frustrating! The respect around here has been occasionally…lacking. I tend to have high expectations for the boys. Not everyone agrees that children should be required to be polite and respectful. I get that. I’ve even tried to talk myself out of thinking that they should honor their parents and be […]

Raising Teens: Turning Worries into Trust

(Editor’s note: please welcome Amanda with 7 ways to improve your relationship with your teenager. Thanks Amanda!) As adults, the most cherished memories we have is of our teenage days. But many adults also nurture horrifying memories of their teenage. Teenage is the most difficult phase and complicated too. It is the stage where we […]

Making Sure Twins Are Individuals May Mean Leaving One Out

When the older (and then younger) boys were born, we did not give them rhyming names, and I rarely dressed them alike. If someone gave me duplicate outfits we usually used them on different days. It was a lot about letting them be individuals and so on. As soon as they showed any interest in […]

Trusting Teens Can Be Hard

There are different kinds of trust that we offer our children over time. For example, there’s the trust that a child will do her chores responsibly, and trust that he won’t play with matches and set the house on fire. Now that the boys are older, we’re dealing with having to trust them to make […]

Raising an Alpha Male Has its Challenges

When TechnoBoy and The Mercenary were little we refused to tell them who was older. This wasn’t intended as any kind of sociological experiment; we were just trying to keep the playing field balanced. TechnoBoy, who was born first by 5 minutes, was smaller physically. That discrepancy has increased over the years, to the point […]