Parenting Link Roundup Teen Edition

Howdy Heroes! I was supposed to publish this roundup last weekend, but had some rather severe trouble with 2 email accounts that got hacked and used to send out spam. Not just a little spam….more like 60,000 messages were sent. Oy. I think everything is cleaned up and locked down, and I am still working […]

A World of Tens

One of the challenges of teaching and parenting is dealing with young people who haven’t yet learned the concept of degrees. Everything that happens to a pre-teen or teenager is either the best thing that’s ever happened, or the end of the world. If you’re snickering over that observation, it’s likely because you have a […]

Helpful Fitness Tips for Your Teenagers

Maintaining fitness levels in your teenage children is extremely important. Obesity is on a rise like never before. It is easier to combat and prevent obesity if a proper fitness regimen, and a pro- fitness attitude is established early on. But convincing your teens to embark on a fitness routine can be a tough job, […]