Black Friday Numbers and Facts for You

It would seem that the world can be split roughly in half with regard to Black Friday. There are those who love the day, and those that hate it. In which camp are you? I personally love it. Understand, though, that I love it with some caveats. You have to approach it as a game, […]

Forge Intimacy: Tips on Taking a Long, Adventurous Family Drive

When both husband and wife have careers that demand protracted schedules, the children will most likely to suffer, and eventually become detached. While the couple tries to build rapport with those surrounding them at work, they are creating a rift in their relationship with the kids. Therefore, it is essential for working parents to learn […]

Take Your Kid to Work Day

Today is National Take Your Daughter or Son to Work Day. Or maybe it’s Son or Daughter….I forget. Anyway, it’s take them to work day, so Hubby took the older boys this morning and off they went. His employer has a program for them in the morning, then they’re going to be coming home later […]