That’ll Be Five Dollars, Please

I think I found a solution to the “one wrong deserves another” problem today. The Manager was the first boy up this morning, taking out the dog. He quickly delivered her to snuggle with the older boys and headed back to bed, which is where I found him when I got up. We’re trying to […]

Verbal Fireworks

I’ve been noticing lately the power of words, especially the spoken word. All 4 boys are demonstrating an ability to seriously get under each others’ skin, just by using their words. Having 2 sets of twins can make for some fascinating interactions. We have a couple of competing dynamics: children who’ve lived their lives with […]

One of Those Days When You Think About Quitting

So. Today was not a good one. Remember when I wrote about the 3rd week of school being kinda bumpy?  But then I got all strict with the boys and they shaped up.  They’ve been deteriorating again.  This morning it took 2 hours to go through about 40 minutes worth of history, and another 2 […]

A Bumpy 3rd Week of School

We survived week 3, but it was a rocky one. Okay.  So last week started out just awful.  Monday I told the boys that their spelling books were going to arrive on Tuesday after being on backorder.  Last year, spelling took us about ten or fifteen minutes per day.  No big deal.  Tuesday the FedEx […]