Second Hand Smoke Exposure and Long Term Effects on Children

Tobacco doesn’t have to be smoked in order to cause harm. When it is breathed out after the initial inhalation, it can affect other people who are in the close vicinity. When people breathe in second hand smoke, their health is put in danger. This is particularly true for children as they have a faster […]

Will Rogers Institute is Focusing on Asthma Awareness

Heroes, did you know 1 in 12 people suffer from asthma in the U.S., and the numbers are increasing every year?  The costs in lost work and medical treatments can be staggering. The Will Rogers Institute has created a public service announcement about asthma awareness that you may appreciate. In addition, they’re offering a free […]

What I Learned about Using a Humidifier to Ease my Asthma Symptoms

I grew up with asthma. Bad asthma. When I was younger, my teachers had to carry my inhaler for me while I played at recess, just in case. I kept it behind the bench during basketball games, and had to tug on my jersey so my coach knew when I couldn’t breathe. I’m older now, but it’s […]