Family Matters: How to Deal with Your Kids Acting Out After Your Divorce

Your kids are smarter than you might think. They pick up on the cues around them, and they hear the fights that you and your spouse have, but that doesn’t mean that they’ll be happy when you announce your upcoming divorce. Divorce takes a huge emotional toll on a family, parents and children included. It […]

Building A Better Student: Six Square Inches

Not long ago I took some friends to Sea World, which is required by law for tourists on their first visit to San Diego or San Antonio. (In Orlando you’re allowed an exemption only if you can prove you spent $1000 at Disney World.) During the dolphin show, we gasped at the remarkable skills displayed […]

Building a Better Student: Deadlines

There’s a funny little saying that circulates in the world of professional writers: We love the finished product, but we’re not too fond of the actual process. It’s true. There are few experiences in life more thrilling than wrapping up an 80,000 word manuscript and sending the final draft to your agent and editor. But […]