How to Childproof Your Home

How to Childproof Your Home The little one is coming and your first task, besides showering it with love, is to keep it safe and sound. At first, your home might just be the safest place you can think of. And it probably is, if you are a grown up. However, think twice and look […]

How to Babyproof a Grandparent’s House

Howdy, Heroes! If you’re the parents of the first grandkids in your family, chances are babyproofing your own parents’ house is an important task. Our kids are the youngest of all the grandchildren, so we didn’t have to do much to remind our parents about safety and little ones. I thought you might enjoy this […]

Infographic: Ultimate Childproofing Guide

Special thanks to the good folks at for this infographic. Earnest Parenting: help for parents who want a safe home for baby.

VIDEO: Baby Proofing Your Home

This one’s important, Heroes. If you’ve got a little one in the home, baby proofing can be a big deal. I do agree with people who say you should train your child to not climb, etc. and do dangerous things. But you can never guarantee they won’t suffer from a moment of foolishness, and that’s […]

How To Baby Proof Your Home in 5 Easy Steps

If you have a new baby in your home or if you are expecting a new baby, baby-proofing your home should be a major priority. You want your baby to be safe in your home and you as well will have a great feeling of peace of mind if your home is safe enough to […]