5 Facts About Childbirth That People Don’t Discuss

Childbirth is one of those experiences you simply can’t reliably prepare for in advance.  Mothers-to-be everywhere routinely fill out complex birth plans and wish lists, only to find that when the time comes even the best plans don’t work out as expected. This can leave new moms feeling cheated, or worse still, as if they […]

Have You Shared Your Birth Story With Your Kids?

Have you told your kids their birth story? I know I’ve told the boys at least some of theirs, but I probably haven’t done it very completely. The story of the older boys is kind of funny to me. It was May of 1998. I had been off work already for a few weeks, and […]

What To Expect Just After Birth

Babies are such a sweet and nice way to start people. Labor does end. Even when it seems like it won’t. When with every contraction you feel makes you wish (and maybe beg) for it to end, you are almost done. Listen to your body. Your body may be telling you things in a quiet […]