You Can Draw Bible Stories for Kids Looks Terrific!

One skill I’ve never really perfected (nor worked on) is drawing. The Mercenary can draw. He’s really pretty good. And Hubby is downright skilled. But me? I never progressed much past sketching or copying what others have done. Which is fine, but it does make teaching kids to draw kind of difficult. I did pick […]

Adventures With Buster Teaches About Life With a Guide Dog

I was contacted recently by London Pickett, the author of a new book (available on Amazon) called Adventures With Buster. London is visually impaired, and Buster is her official Guide Dog. The book tells the story of when she met Buster, what they had to do to train together, and then details several adventures they […]

Dealing With a Difficult Child? Square Peg is a MUST Read

Square Peg is a book written by L. Todd Rose with Katherine Ellison, and if you are dealing with a child who struggles in a conventional school setting, you need to read this book. I can’t say that enough. Todd had an awful childhood. Diagnosed with ADHD later in his childhood, he finished his K-12 […]

Tyler Durman’s Birthday Suit Entertains, Touches Your Heart

I was recently sent a copy of Tyler Durman’s new book Birthday Suit. Tyler is a gifted and hilarious author and speaker, and he’s a dad who’s made some choices in life that many have; living with those choices can be difficult. As a young man with OCD, Tyler had some difficulties in life. He […]

How the book Good Dog! Can Help Parents

I recently received a review copy of the book Good Dog! Practical Answers to Behavior Questions from Steve Dale. Mr. Dale is a certified animal behavior consultant and nationally syndicated pet columnist. The book is organized into chapters covering topics such as aggression, housetraining, obedience training, play, and various anxiety or behavior problems that pets […]

Book Review- Sentinel: City of Destiny

I was contacted by Landel Bilbrey, the author of this book to read and review it here on the blog. Full disclosure: Mr. Bilbrey was kind enough to send me a copy of the book. I warned him that I’d be honest with my review, so here it is. This story is fantastic. I took […]