Book Spotlight: Game of Knowns by Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki

Getting your kids interested in science and how the world around them works can be a challenging feat for parents, given the near limitless amounts of entertainment and distractions vying for your kid’s attentions. Getting them off their video games or television cartoons may be tricky but once you’ve successfully cultivated a love for learning […]

My Dad Tells Terrific Bedtime Stories (Give Away!)

I was contacted this summer by Scott Harpole, of Scott has created and recorded a whole collection of stories for kids to enjoy at bedtime. There are printed books and audio cd’s as well as downloadable tracks. Scott has even created a monthly club called The My Dad’s Bedtime Stories Readers Club. For $6 […]

Revolutionize Your Relationship With Your Kids: Pray Circles Around Them

Mark Batterson has put together a new book called Praying Circles Around Your Children and wow. I really enjoyed reading it. Based on his New York Times bestseller The Circle Maker, this book combines the Biblical with the practical. The book gives parents concrete strategies for circling their kids in prayer. There are 5 prayer […]

Find Homeschooling Encouragement With the eBook “You Can Do It Too”

If you look back to the early years of this blog, you’ll see a lot of discussion of homeschooling. In fact, my difficulties with homeschooling are a huge part of why I started writing in the first place. I’ve said less in part because it got easier, but mainly because a) the boys are getting […]

Motivate Your Kids to Stay Active with Len Saunders’ Books

I hadn’t heard of Len Saunders before getting to read two of his books, but it turns out he’s been fighting childhood obesity for some time. The creator of Project ACES (an event in which millions of schoolchildren exercise simultaneously in May each year), Len has won awards and accolades galore. I was able to […]

Magic Manners at Mealtime Winners

All right, gang. I went through the comments at the Magic Manners post and listed everyone in order of their comment. Assuming I got it correctly, the list is as follows. (Next time I’m going to remember not to chatter in the comments of a giveaway post so I don’t have to go through and […]