Getting Your Family On A Budget: 6 Money Saving Tips

No matter how financially-sound a household may be, creating a budget will provide a number of advantages to a family. Whether it is teaching children about responsibility or finding money for a second vacation each year, here are six simple tips for making a budget and sticking to it. 1. Prepaid Charge Cards At some […]

How to Teach Your Teenagers about Personal Finances

As your children start reaching their teenage years, one of the most important things you can teach them is the benefit of being smart about money. It’s no secret that the world today requires substantial amounts of money in order to make it. The earlier your children have an understanding of how to manage their […]

6 Ideas for Teaching Children Financial Responsibility

Parents focus on teaching children to be responsible and accountable, but many times financial responsibility is a skill that’s not sufficiently stressed. Money matters are matters that should be discussed at a young age, but its about finding the right way to discuss money that’s important. If you’re looking for fun and effective ways to […]

Five Lessons to Teach Your Teenagers Before Sending Them to College

Going away to college is the first time that many teens will be making financial and life decisions for themselves. Some will find the freedoms that they get from being away at college exhilarating. Others might feel a bit overwhelmed. You can help ease the transition from home to school by teaching them these five […]

5 Ways to Update Your Windows This Winter

Windows can make a big difference in the look and style of a home, as well as reduce energy costs and just make the whole family feel good when they’re updated and stylish. There are many ways to update windows for winter, to not only save on energy bills but change the look of your […]

Ways to Cope With the Rising Costs of Childcare

According to the Child Poverty Action Group, the average cost of raising a child to the age of 18 has risen in recent years to nearly £150,000, or about £160 per week in the UK, and $241,080 in the US. Unfortunately, earnings and benefits have not kept pace. Many families are struggling to balance the […]