I Wonder if They Know

Every week we go to the library and the younger boys pick out picture books for use at our daily story time. Right after I finish a story, Captain Earthquake will sigh a tiny sigh of contentedness. I wonder if he knows I’ve noticed it. Whenever any of the boys asks me for something and […]

What’s Your Control Freak Factor?

I had an interesting conversation with a father the other day. His boys are ages 3 and 5, and the dad was telling me how much his sons love to help set the table at mealtime. Both boys are pretty passionate about it, to the point that if an adult carries a plate or cup […]

The Price of Pleasing a Boy

Isn’t very high really. There are so many things I can do: listen to him describe the next gadget he’s going to invent watch him leap off the ladder into the pool for the umpteenth time have a good stock of freezer pops at the ready wrestle him to the ground and give him a […]