Heather Von St. James Uses her Story to Spread Awareness of Mesothelioma

The first week of April was Asbestos Awareness Week, and obviously we’re well past that of course. But I was very much taken with Heather Von St. James’ story. She’s one of few people diagnosed with mesothelioma to have survived. Most die within 2 years. Heather was kind enough to answer some questions for me, […]

An Inside Perspective: Dealing With Childhood Cancer

Last weekend, I met up with an old friend who told me about the challenges of being a parent. He told me and another friend that it’s always better to have more than one kid. With his first child, he and his wife always freaked out at the littlest cold or fever. But after two […]

Second Hand Smoke Exposure and Long Term Effects on Children

Tobacco doesn’t have to be smoked in order to cause harm. When it is breathed out after the initial inhalation, it can affect other people who are in the close vicinity. When people breathe in second hand smoke, their health is put in danger. This is particularly true for children as they have a faster […]

Save a Stranger’s Life: Sign up For the Bone Marrow Registry

City of Hope is a hospital in Duarte, California that is one of 40 Comprehensive Cancer Centers, the highest designation a hospital can earn from the National Cancer Institute. The designation is a recognition of excellence in cancer treatment, prevention, research and education. In 2010, Gavin Wolfrank was just a few years old and suffering […]

MGA Teams up With City of Hope to Fight Cancer

Hey Heroes! I have 4 awesome dolls to give away, and I’m so excited. See the video below for details. Here’s a closer look at the dolls. I have 4 of them available, and will send them to the winners. I think it’s so sweet to create a doll like this! What a great encouragement […]

Kids for the Cure lets Kids Help in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

You’ve heard of the Susan G. Komen Foundation, right? The one that works so hard to help eradicate breast cancer? Good. Well, I just learned about an initiative they have that I hadn’t heard of before. It’s called Kids for the Cure, and it’s part of the Annual Race for the Cure. The 23rd Annual […]